Currency Strength Meter Platform: Desktop, Mobile or Website

1. Desktop Windows PC

Windows PC is still the most popular operating system used by traders. Most currency strength meters run on this platform, either as a stand-alone application, or as an application running within a trading platform e.g. an MT4 Expert Advisor (EA).

Accustrength and Fx4Caster are both standalone applications.

Currency Strength MT4 Expert Advisors (EA’s) are generally free, and are posted on various forex forums. They run on a MT4 trading terminal and display currency strength information on a trading chart.

For those using a Mac OSX computer, Windows applications like Accustrengh and Fx4Caster can be run using a Windows emulator such as Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion.

2. Mobile platform – IOS or Android

We’re now seeing more trading applications written for mobile devices, as these devices become more powerful and have bigger, better displays.

Many traders now have a mobile device as a permanent part of their trading station setup. It’s also possible to mirror a mobile device’s App display onto your desktop PC using 3rd party software such as AirServer.

This is becoming more of the norm as the gap between desktop and mobile hardware and operating systems narrows.

The Forex Strength Meter is an example of a mobile App. It runs on Apple IOS devices.

Mobile App’s generally don’t have the complexity of their desktop counterparts, but they’re often more convenient to use i.e. faster startup, and easier to navigate with the touch screen.

3. Website Currency Strength Meters

These websites display currency strength data using web technologies such as flash. They can be accessed by any compatible web-browser.

We’ve tried a few of these websites. Some have impressive looking charts, and a huge range of time-frames. But we’ve found accuracy to be a problem in the ones we’ve tested, and the refresh rate is often slow and the data a bit laggy. Reliability can also be an issue.

But, if you trade on longer time-frames, and can find an accurate, reliable currency strength website, then this might be a great free alternative.