Currency Strength Data Server Type

There are 2 ways a Currency Strength Meter can get it’s data:

1. Dedicated Propriety Data Feed

This is the best option. In this case the currency strength meter gets it’s data from it’s own dedicated data server. Dedicated data servers are generally faster, more reliable and have less latency

Accustrength and Forex Strength Meter both have dedicated data feed
2. From a MT4 Trading terminal
An alternative method is to use data from a MT4 trading terminal. Fx4Caster uses this approach.

This is a popular method used by many currency strength meters, because the data is essentially free. The MT4 trading platform is used by most forex brokers. Either a live or demo MT4 account login can be used.

The downside of using an MT4 terminal as the data source, is that it’s another application you need to have running.

The quality of the MT4 data feed might also be an issue. Generally live data feeds from forex brokers are of good quality, but occasionally you’ll come accross a broker that has frequent outages, and unusual spikes in their data. This can effect the accuracy of currency strength calculations.

While a MT4 demo account login can be used, demo data feeds tend to be less reliable, and can sometimes lag the live feed. Demo login’s often expire after 30 days or so. So where possible, try using a live account login.