Data Server Reliability

The reliability of a currency strength meter’s data feed is important. Frequent, extended outages can be very frustrating, and result in missed trading opportunities.

We’ve tested both Accustrength and Forex Strength Meter for an extended period of time now, and both have reliable data feeds in our experience.

Apparently the Forex Strength Meter also has a backup server data feed, so if the main data feed freezes for whatever reason, it switches over to a backup server automatically. I’m not sure if Accustrength has the same feature, but it’s been very reliable in our experience nonetheless. The support for both products is excellent.

Fx4caster uses a MT4 Terminal for it’s data feed, and so the reliability is dependant on the broker’s data server. Broker data servers are usually very reliable, although their demo account servers are less so. So where possible use a live MT4 login rather than a demo login.

Reliability is usually more of an issue with free products, such as web-site based strength meters and free currency strength meter mobile Apps. These products are generally not as well supported and outages can last days even weeks.