Currency Strength Meter Accuracy

This is extremely important. If a currency strength meter doesn’t give accurate currency strength indicator values, it’s of little use regardless of it’s other features.

During our own testing, we were surprised by just how many currency strength meter’s calculate currency strength indicator values incorrectly.

This problem wasn’t restricted to free products either. There was one premium product selling for around $100 that was clearly producing the wrong data, despite being an otherwise good product.

We’ve also found a few currency strength websites producing wrong data on their charts.

Other products we’ve tried had more subtle accuracy problems. For example one product we tested inverted the currency strength on one of it’s currencies i.e. it displayed strength when it should have displayed weakness and vice versa.

To complicate matters even further, some products that claim to be “currency strength meters”, are producing data that’s moved away from the original concept of what currency strength actually is. Some apply various smoothing filters, like moving averages.

It can get very confusing.

The real gold standard for currency strength accuracy is Accustrength. This product was developed by Tom Yeomans who is known as one of the pioneers of currency strength trading.
The Forex Strength Meter, by QM4 Designs also calculates accurate currency strength values.